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It’s a great time to improve your property with the addition of a new driveway or another concrete flatwork project! JJG Concrete Inc is the contractor to rely on for custom-tailored concrete service offered at competitive rates. Count on us to provide great value for the cost and ensure the success of your upcoming project in Waukegan, IL!

The Services We Offer

Foundation Work
We are the experts to rely on if your project requires high-quality and durable concrete foundation repair services! We make sure that the foundations are laid at the proper depth and with the right measurements. It’s our goal to ensure strong and reliable concrete foundation construction every time!

Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation
If you plan on sectioning off new rooms inside your property or creating lovely architectural features, drywall is an excellent material to use for this purpose. Rely on us to properly set up new drywall and make sure it’s finished to industry standards!
Concrete Installation and Repair
We specialize in comprehensive concrete work and have the specialized equipment we need to properly install new concrete foundations or structures. We also perform concrete repairs, tear-outs, and replacements using time-tested methods and the appropriate materials. Quality workmanship is guaranteed!
Retaining Walls
The purpose of retaining walls is to help prevent landslides on your property and safeguard the terrain from erosion. We can build functional and ornamental retaining walls using concrete and a variety of other excellent materials. Count on us for timely results! We can also offer concrete retaining wall blocks installation service.

Patios and Concrete Steps

Patios and Concrete Steps
A beautiful concrete patio can improve property value and create a functional outdoor area for patio furniture and fun family activities. We can construct concrete patios of any size or design along with quality concrete steps that offer great durability.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Driveways and Sidewalks
Ensure easy and practical access to your property by investing in a sleek and modern driveway. We use quality concrete and time-tested processes to install quality driveways of any needed size. We also construct excellent sidewalks that can boost property curb appeal!

Invest in Quality Concrete Work

Whenever you need a new concrete surface on your property or proper concrete repairs, it’s always best to entrust the work to a qualified concrete contractor in your area. As professionals, we come with all the necessary equipment for the job and the skills needed to take on projects of any complexity. Thanks to many opportunities we’ve had to work on minor and larger-scale projects, we are able to properly handle any job and bring about lasting quality. Working with our company means having the option to communicate directly with our professionals and make sure that you get a solution that’s custom-tailored to your specific needs and ideas.

Our Process

Schedule an appointment and speak directly to a concrete repair specialist about your project ideas and designs. We are punctual and very diligent with our work. Our clients can expect their projects to be completed within budget and the allotted time frame. To deliver excellent results that can stand the test of time, we always use high-quality materials. Our methods and processes are organized and time-tested!

Book an appointment with a reputable foundation specialist by reaching out to JJG Concrete Inc directly. Our company looks forward to taking on new and exciting projects for our clients throughout Waukegan, IL. Contact us today!


by Karen Moxley on JJG Concrete Inc

We needed a good foundation construction service for our new home construction project, and this company was very highly recommended to us. I'm happy to say that we ended up getting excellent service and very professional results. I'd gladly recommend this company!

Miguel Felipe Furtado Da Silva
Miguel Felipe Furtado Da Silva
The team at this concrete Repair service is skilled and knowledgeable. They provided valuable insights and recommendations which made my project even better.
Gregory Matthews
Gregory Matthews
The concrete Repair service from this business, and I am very pleased with the result. The staff was friendly and professional, and they worked quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend this business!
Johanna Smith
Johanna Smith
Concrete Repair did an excellent job with our outdoor patio. They were prompt, professional and did a great job. Highly recommend!
Julia Vitoria Delarici
Julia Vitoria Delarici
Concrete Repair is top notch! They fixed the cracks in my patio in no time and it looks better than new. Highly recommend
الببوش الببوش ء
الببوش الببوش ء
The best concrete repair service I've ever tried. Very reliable with good and reasonable rate. Glad that I took my friends' recommendation.
Frédéric Bois
Frédéric Bois
JJG Concrete Inc - Concrete Foundations Specialist, Concrete Service Contractor This company is knowledgeable concrete contractors who provide me with free estimates and fast quotes at affordable prices. These guys have proven to be incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Thanks I will recommend.
Gjm Mg
Gjm Mg
They are knowledgeable concrete contractors who provide me with no-cost estimates and quick quotes at affordable prices. These guys have proven to be incredibly skilled and knowledgeable.

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