Concrete Finish by a Reliable Concrete Contractor

Types of Concrete Finish

Consider using concrete for your driveway, walkway, or patio in the backyard. You might want to reconsider your opinion if you believe concrete is boring. You can choose from a wide variety of concrete finishes and customize it with color, borders, and cut lines for a distinctive appearance and feel. Four of the most common concrete finish types are described below that most concrete contractor prefers.

Brushed Concrete

The base-level concrete finish provided by experts is blasted concrete, which is a straightforward but efficient way to add some texture to the concrete. A broom is used to brush across the surface of freshly poured concrete while it is still wet to create a brushed concrete texture. On-demand, a penetrating sealer can be used to seal brushed concrete.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

To reveal the additional aggregates, the top layer of the concrete is removed in this style of finishing. A portion of the concrete mixture includes pea gravel. To stop the top layer of concrete from curing after it has been poured, a chemical is applied to the surface. This top layer is removed the following day to reveal the texture of pea gravel. A high gloss sealer is used to finish exposed concrete.

Stamped Concrete

This is made by pressing textured forms onto the freshly-poured concrete’s surface. Applying color to this texture can improve it by bringing contrast. Stamped concrete is sealed with a high-gloss, non-slip coating.

Modern Concrete

Concrete used today has a smooth, matte finish that resembles limestone. The concrete’s surface is hand-polished and sandblasted after it has been poured and allowed to set. After that, a penetrating sealer is applied to give it a protective matte finish.

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