Reasons Why Concrete Repair Service Is Needed at Times

3 Most Common Reasons of Concrete Damage

Concrete damage is a common issue you can expect when you have a concrete basement or foundation. Fortunately, it’s also repairable. Here are the most common reasons why concrete starts to wear down and crack and needs concrete repair service:

Location and Orientation

Concrete is vulnerable to damage because of its very nature. It’s soft and only minimal protection is needed for it to last for years. However, it’s far thinner than the protective layer of soil that surrounds it. That’s why some of its weak points are the basement walls, the grade, and the temperature. Vertically placed concrete structures are more prone to cracking, especially when one of its feet sinks below the water table. It’s advisable to build a retaining wall to keep the structure stable and to increase its strength.

Poorly Prepared Subgrade

Before you pour the concrete, it’s important to prepare the subgrade. The latter is the layer of soil that is below the concrete. It provides the concrete with proper support and allows the latter to settle. If the subgrade has loose particles, it causes the concrete to settle unevenly. That’s why it’s not advisable to skip it. You can ask the help of a reliable concrete repair contractor to help you with this procedure.

Seeding and Freezing

Seeding is the process of introducing aggregate, which is the small particles that make up the concrete, into the concrete mixture. This process should be done before the concrete is poured so it has enough time to cure. If you introduce the aggregate after the pour, the concrete sinks and isn’t as strong as it should be. It can cause concrete to crack or even fail.

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